Simple Tips in Maintaining Your Garage Door



Maintaining your garage door is essential as garage doors are estimated to open and close 4 to 6 times per day. An electric garage door probably opens and closes even more. That could add up to at least a couple of thousand times per year quite easily. Therefore your garage door requires regular care and attention. This is no different to any other operational item used so frequently.

Garage Door Torsion Springs

The torsion springs leverage the heavy weight of the garage door. It is a major component within the operation. Over a period of time, the tension of the spring will obviously be affected. To prolong the longevity of the door and help in the ease of use, it is beneficial to lubricate them every so often. The springs will only need a light spray to ensure better movement. If the lubricant begins to drip when applying, then you are using too much!

Following this simple step in maintaining your garage door will enhance the performance of them. It will also help to lengthen their life span.

Garage door maintenance tips

Garage Door Photo Sensors

The photo sensors form a photocell safety beam by use of transmitting light. This is common when fitting an electric garage door. These sensors prevent the door from closing if an obstacle is in the way. When maintaining your garage door, check they are working properly.

If this safety reversing function is not working, it could cause a major problem. One touch of a button instructing the garage door to close may cause severe injury. It could theoretically crush anything or anybody in its way whilst in the motion of completing its instruction.

This is relatively easy to check. Place an obstacle in-between the sensors and see if that prevents the door from shutting.

If the door is not closing as it should or strange things happen when trying to close them remotely, then something’s not right. It needs checking out straightaway.

You will find the sensors each side of the door tracks near the floor. Look to see if either of the lights attached to the sensors is permanently off or blinking. If this is the case, then try the following simple tips:


Wipe each sensor eye gently with a soft dry cloth to remove any spec of dirt or dust that may be blocking the invisible beam. If this doesn’t work, then check the connections attached. If the connections are okay, then one of the eyes may need adjustment. Move it slightly by directing it toward the other as the beam may need realignment.

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