Wooden Garage Doors



There are a variety of different types of timber that are used to make wooden garage doors. Each material has its own pros and cons and their own individual characteristics.

Picking your preferred style of wooden garage doors is very personal. In most cases, the design and architecture of a person’s house helps determine the type of wood they eventually choose.

Cedar Wood

Cedar is a coniferous type of wood that is reasonably light in weight as far as woods go. It is a softwood which has some great positives. This wood is durable and has natural resistance to water because of its porous attributes. Cedar is also a wood that that does not attract insects like some woods tend to do. Both of these advantages help prevent the garage door from decay, so choosing cedar can be a real plus! Cedar wooden garage doors will have reasonable insulation which will also help keep out noise.

Mahogany Wood

Mahogany has a very solid and even straight grain making it very easy to work with. Like cedar, this is is also durable and water resistant, but is even stronger. This of course is something to bear in mind if you’re looking for even greater security. Mahogany has a reddish brown shade that can be polished quite easily, thus giving it a sheen. The trunk of a mahogany tree is normally quite wide compared to other tree species. This means that the boards used in making a garage door are wider.

Hemlock Wood

Hemlock may not be one of the more well known types of wood. However, Hollington Doors feel that it is certainly worth considering when choosing your own personal brand of wooden garage door. Like cedar, this wood is reasonably light in weight and there are various kinds of hemlock available. It will undergo a preservative treatment before being made into a garage door. This is a strong and very versatile wood that is well worth a look!

Iroko Wood

Iroko is another wood that may not be so well known. It is quite a pale yellow to golden brown in colour and once again is strong and durable. This is a hardwood which also has a natural defence to insect attacks and resistance to rot. Iroko has a strong resemblance to teak, but is not related to teak at all.

Pine Wood

Pine is probably one of the more well known used woods around the house and garage doors are no exception. Light in colour, this softwood is a popular choice for many. It is light in weight too and pretty straight in its grain. Choosing pine for your garage door has the added advantage to resist shrinkage or swelling.

These are just a few examples of some of the woods that Hollington use for our custom-made bespoke wooden garage doors. We also use oak, spruce and reclaimed wood to name just a few more. Give us a call. We will be happy to help you in your decision making, along with any quotes that you require.

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