Advantages of Smart Garage Doors



Smart technology rules! A few years ago, who would have forseen the strides that mobile phones have now taken? Try sitting on any form of public transport in rush hour and counting the percentage of commuters using their smartphones in one way or another. It’s much easier and quicker to count who’s not!

Now this amazing innovative technology is used for everything around the home including music, lighting and even appliances such as washing machines and dryers.

In short, if it’s automated, chances are it’s smartable and that includes smart garage doors. I don’t know if smartable is even a proper word, but I’m going to use it! Of course garage doors have been automated for some time now, but with high tech smart technology they are even better.

Smart Garage Doors

Smart Garage Door App

Here at Hollington Doors, we will automatically supply you with a remote control to open and close your garage electronically. However, for a little more we can upgrade them to enable smart technology to operate them. This will mean that you can operate and monitor your smart garage doors from anywhere in the world that you have internet.

This can come in pretty handy from time to time and even offer peace of mind for those times that you may doubt yourself as you can’t remember closing it after you’ve left home.

How many times have you returned home after a few hours to see that your door has been left open? Hopefully there is then a feeling of relief to find that everything was as you left it and there have been no intruders or passers by seizing an opportunity. This happens more frequently than you might think.

Our most popular smartable system is from LiftMaster. Hollington Doors are one of their approved and recommended dealers that operate in Essex, East London and the surrounding areas.

We can set up the required equipment and you can then download LiftMaster’s myQ app. With this technology you can check on your garage’s security whenever you wish. It even alerts you if you have left the door open so you can close it with a tap of your finger.

You can open the garage for family, friends or workmen from wherever you wish and receive an alert when they close it. You can turn on all the lights in your home to make it look like someone is at home, open other doors or gates that are connected to the myQ app, watch a live video feed, or even adjust the temperature if required.

But wait there’s more! You can receive alerts to inform you if and when your garage door opens or closes. This can be worrying of course if you are not expecting it. However, on the other hand it can also give you peace of mind knowing that a loved one left on time or is home safely. You can also set a timer for lights to come on and off, or doors to open and close on the scheduling feature of the app.

If you’d like to know more about smart garage doors or would like a free quote, contact Hollington Doors and one of our experts will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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