Have You Got a Noisy Garage Door



Nobody likes unnecessary loud noise! Especially so if they are sounding like an indication that something may not be quite right. Nowadays we want and even expect all our items of machinery to function smoothly and effortlessly.  Also if it works silently that makes it so much better! A noisy garage door is no exception.

Is your noisy garage door driving you mad?

When a garage door is in the operation mode of opening and closing it should be sleek and quiet, If it is not, then chances are there is something wrong. In the majority of cases it is a very simple issue that you can probably resolve by yourself. However, if you choose to ignore it and leave it for too long, it may well become a costly problem. Not to mention, it would be an annoying one too.

First listen carefully to try and make out exactly where the noise appears to be coming from. Make sure there are no small pieces of debris within the tracks.

Use a soft damp cloth to wipe and lubricate if necessary. Use a lithium grease as opposed to an oil. It is less likely to attract unwanted small particles of dust or anything else. Do not apply much grease and do not put it on anything plastic. Only apply it on metal.

Look to tighten any of the nuts that are a bit loose on the track and garage door. Use a spanner or wrench to do this with and tighten gently.  But make sure that you do not tighten too much.

If the problem still persists and is not resolved, then look at the hinges. Inspect them closely to see if the weight of the door has affected them in any way. If so, then they probably need to be renewed.

Hopefully the racket has now stopped. If it is still operating too loudly and the noise continues, then check out the rollers. Look to see if they are worn at all. If so and you think the noise might be coming from them, then they will probably need to be replaced. Rollers can vary slightly in size so be sure to acquire the correct size as replacements. Hollington Doors will be happy to help you with this if you should require.

If the din has still not been silenced, we would definitely recommend calling us. We will send one of our professionally trained team of engineers. It could be something more serious or something that may be dangerous. It may cause injury if attempting the problem by yourself. A spring or a lower bracket may have a lot of tension and needs an expertl.

In any case, Hollington Doors can give your noisy garage door a complete maintenance check. They will give you peace of mind for the future. Our prices are very reasonable so just contact us and we will give you a no obligation quote.

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