Is a New Garage Door a Good Investment?



As a homeowner, it is generally necessary to continually maintain the appearance and working order of everything around the home. Often items not working properly or looking outdated will naturally need replacing. Chances are that these items will be upgraded and enhanced at the same time.

Which home improvement projects add the most value and which ones should be prioritised?

This is not easy to answer as each individual or family have their own personal priority of importance on which items need to be addressed first. Therefore, it makes sense for each homeowner to list each project in order of which would be the most beneficial to them whilst living there.

is a garage door a good investment

How much value will each improvement add?

Remodelling magazine estimates that a garage door replacement will give an average ROI of 98.3% which is an outstanding return.

It is generally believed that boosting curb appeal is a great investment on any property. Therefore, it is definitely worth considering updating a garage door if the present one is looking tired.

Of course there are the added factors of making the garage door automated if it is currently manual. This will make the homeowner’s life much easier and the property more secure.

Renovating the loft or basement can add up to 20% of the home’s value, if it helps create extra living space or rooms.

Modernising the kitchen can add up to 10% of the home’s value, but only if done cost effectively by not overspending on appliances and units.

Refurbishing the bathroom if needed will make a property more appealing to potential buyers and help realise a percentage back on your investment.

How much money should you put into each home improvement?

It is very easy to go overboard by spending too much on a project. If you are not going to live in the home for a long enough period of time, only spend on renovations that will add at least your expenses plus a decent return on investment back.

Are there any home improvements that can negatively impact the value of a home like a luxury upgrade?

Emerging two rooms into one may negatively affect your home’s value. For example, if two bedrooms became one, the property will be marketed as a smaller home.

Installing a pool may sound like the ultimate luxury, but it may not be every perspective buyer’s cup of tea. Swimming pools can be expensive to install. They can also be costly and time consuming to maintain.

If a homeowner can’t afford a major home renovation, there are always minor upgrades to improve and add value to their homes.

If you don’t need the garage, it may prove beneficial to transform it into another room if needed. However, keep the garage door as it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye from the outside and helps keep costs down.

Also a potential buyer will still have the option to change it back to a garage once again if they so wished.

There are cost-effective ways to add energy efficiency to a home while increasing its value. Insulating a loft properly and making sure that doors and windows are well sealed will increase energy efficiency without much cost. Nowadays with the cost of energy looking so ominous, it probably is a no brainer anyway!

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