How to measure for your garage door



Follow our easy to follow guide to measuring for a new garage door. You will simply need a pen and paper, a tape measure and someone to lend you a hand!

It is important to measure accurately for your new garage door to ensure there are no mistakes and the wrong size door isn’t ordered.



If you need help checking your measurements or you want some advice on the best door for your garage give us call on 01992 522350 and we will be happy to help.

When ordering from Hollington Doors we will require all of the opening measurements, for example we will need the clear drive through width x clear height, as the garage doors and mechanics will be made and fitted to suit the opening space.

Measurements Required:
Clear Width = The brick to brick width. Take a measurement at the very top, then take a measurement across the middle and then at the bottom. Write them all down and then tell us the smallest measurement. If there is more then a 5 centimetre difference between them, please tell us all 3 measurements, but we would expect them to be about the same.

Clear Height = Measure from the finished floor to underside of lintel, on both the left and right.

Headroom = Measure from the underside of lintel to underside of lowest obstruction.

Side Room Left = Measured from inside looking out, we need the width of the reveal.

Side Room Right = Measured from inside looking out, the width of the reveal.

When measuring it is important to remember that you will need the opening to be all on one plane i.e The back of the reveals and lintel need to be flush.

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