How Important is Your Garage Door?



Thinking of sprucing up your home in the near future and giving it a facelift?

Of course a lick of paint can make all the difference and is cost effective. Natural colours seem to be the more favourable option this year, same as the last. It is quick and quite simple to do.

When you walk into a room, nine times out of ten the first thing you will face is the window. To dress it up doesn’t need to cost a fortune either. If curtains are your preference, there are made to measure or ready mades to choose from, the latter being much cheaper. Dressing the room up with matching cushion covers can really look great and it’s inexpensive.

If blinds are your taste, then there is a choice of the more common roller blinds that again you can accessorise with a coordinated coloured border. There are also vertical, venetian, wood and roman blinds also and it doesn’t have to cost that much. There are online blinds and curtains companies that you can just put in your measurements and you’ll get a quote instantly.

However, whilst all the above will enhance the look and the value of your property, don’t forget about your garage door!

The outside of a house is a major factor in curb appeal. First impressions are paramount and a garage door will either enhance or detract your home’s exterior.

It’s important to choose the right fabric, design and colour, not only for style, but also for practicality.

Wooden Garage Doors

If your property has natural character and raw beauty, then wood may be a good alternative as timber would probably lend itself to the overall impression.

But nowadays, there are so many different types of lovely wooden handcrafted garage doors produced in an array of stunning styles. Mahogany, oak and pine are probably the more well known wooden materials used within the UK, but there is also spruce, cedar and iroko to mention just a few more!

Roller Shutter Garage Doors

If you are tight on space and there is not much room to manoeuvre after parking your vehicle in the garage, then a roller shutter style may be preferable for you. They tend to roll up into the ceiling as they are opened meaning that the maximum garage space is utilised.

Sectional Garage Doors

If your garage gets too cold for you in the winter, or affects the draughts that come into your house, then a sectional garage door may be a good option. They are draught proof and come very well insulated as standard, yet still reasonably priced.

Electric Garage Doors

Maybe your garage door just needs a small update because after all, there is new technology and innovations being created continually, including smart home technology allowing you to enter and exit your home quickly, simply and in style!

It doesn’t matter which type of material you choose for your door, automation can be added to any of them. Just the subtle touch of a button and your garage will seamlessly open and close without you even having to be affected by the unpredictable weather elements that this country may bring.

As always, here at Hollington Doors, our team of experts are always here to help you with anything from the complete process of buying from scratch, or just helping you repair or maintain your current garage door.

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