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All types of garage doors professionally supplied and fitted

Hollington Doors can supply a wide range of high quality garage doors in a selection of styles, materials, sizes, colours and finishes. No garage opening is too awkward a shape, be they arches, narrow, wide or unusual we will be able to supply and fit a garage door to your specifications.

The comprehensive range of garage doors that Hollington Doors provide, fit, maintain and repair range from those that swing open, slide up and over and roller up. They can all be operated either manually or electronically.

We operate mainly in London and the surrounding areas. Hollington Doors Ltd have been established for many years now and our success is due to the loyalty that our customers have shown us over this time and the recommendations that they have given.

The manufacturers we can supply include Hormann, Cardale, Henderson, Garador, Garage Door Systems, Securoglide, SWS, Glidorole, Novafirm, Select, Wessex and many, many more!

  • Glass Reinforced Polyester garage doors are extremely easy to maintain. They are available in a white gloss finish and authentic looking wood. These doors come in a variety of colours and look sleek and streamlined as there are no joins or other incidentals to detract from their appearance. They need very little maintenance and just wiping a damp cloth over them from time to time will keep them looking like new.

    Below are a just a few choices of some of our GRP garage doors, but there are many others on offer.

  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene garage doors (a bit of a mouthful!) referred to as ABS tend to weigh much less than most other garage doors made from heavier materials. They look very much like UPVC. so if you have a home with that type of window they will blend very well and look the part. They need very little maintenance - just a once over with a damp cloth will keep up that fresh looking appearance.

    These are a few of the ABS plastic garage doors for you to look at with more options available.

  • Roller garage doors very conveniently store into the ceiling to help keep the sides of the garage completely free for entering and exiting. They work on a tracking system guided by rollers and the weight is balanced by a spring system. A doorframe is not necessarily needed with this type of door as they will operate purely from above.

    These doors prove extremely popular for those with limited amounts of room and can be made up in either one piece of material or slatted if you prefer. They are solid and fare well against all the elements. Roller garage doors are very easy to manoeuvre manually, but can also be set up electronically.

    Roller garage doors come in many different options, but here are a few to peruse.

  • Steel garage doors have been around for a very long time and known to be one of the toughest materials. Many years ago they may have been thought to be boring to look at, but just serve a purpose. Nowadays that thought process has been changed as Hollington Doors present them to you in many different designs. They are corrosion resistant, extremely secure and will last for many years.

    These are just a small variety of the steel garage doors that we supply and fit. There are many more to choose from.

  • Sectional garage doors are very advantageous if you need to park a vehicle very close to the outside of the garage. They will help exclude drafts and are very robust. Our sectional garage doors come in a selection of colours and sizes. You can order them in various types of substances and with windows also if you wish. These doors are very reasonably priced.

    Here are just a few examples of some sectional garage doors. There are many more available to choose from.

  • Natural grained timber garage doors have a richness and uniqueness to them that will add that something special to any home. Hollington Doors use many different types of natural woods including oak, mahogany, spruce, cedar and pine, to name just a few. We supply and fit handcrafted wooden doors with every single little detail taken care of. Our specialist team ensure that each and every set of doors look as original as the tree they originated from.

    There are too many types of wooden garage doors to show below, but here are some for you to look at. Please contact us if you would like to see more.

  • Electric garage doors used to be considered opulent, but not any more. We all use remote controls to operate a television and other machines around the house - so why not garage doors? It makes life so much easier going in and out in all sorts of weather conditions with just the touch of a button! They lock very safely automatically and are no longer expensive. Hollington Doors can fit any set of garage doors with a remote control or even update an existing set for you.