Choosing The Correct Garage Door



If you are looking to increase the value of your property, then you may want to think about the advantages of investing in a new garage door. It is a simple, reasonable and very effective way to do just that. An attractive looking garage door can often reflect upon your house and make it stand out more from the homes nearby, thus making it a bit more individual and unique. If you pick something to enhance your home, then this will give a much better overall appearance to the outside of your property.

Automatic or Manual?

Manual doors are not as popular as electric ones and may be thought of as old fashioned. After all, who uses a television without a remote control nowadays? What would you think of someone that did? However, that doesn’t mean they are completely antiquated – not at all, just much less in demand.

Here at Hollington Doors, we specialise in installing electric garage doors. Just press a button on your remote control and hey presto! Many of our customers contact us just to update their current manual door (or doors) to electric.

Which Way Should a Garage Door Open?

When choosing your garage door from new, you need to decide which way you would like it to open. We can either fit double doors that open and close as a pair, or an overhead one that pulls up or down. This will depend on the look you wish to create and the space that you have. Overhead garage doors is more common to homeowners because in many cases it is more easily accessible and more compact making it easier to store, but of course, each case is personal.

Garage Door Materials

Then there is the material that the garage door is made from. The obvious fabrics are Wood, Steel,  ABS Plastic, Fiberglass (GRP) and Sectional which are insulated. Each one has different benefits, but ultimately, most people will choose the material type that goes best with their house.

Wooden Garage Doors

Hollington’s wooden/timber handcrafted garage doors are created from the very best quality timber including oak, mahogany, cedar, hemlock, spruce, iroko, and pine. Attention to detail is a priority to us as we make sure that each wooden garage door lives up to the specifications and quality that our customers should expect. Wood’s natural character and appearance is always very appealing to our customers.

Sectional/Insulated Garage Doors

A sectional garage door can be a very good choice for different reasons. These are also bespoke as are all our doors, but are provided with extra insulation making them more draught proof, however, still reasonably priced. These are also available with a window alternative.

Steel Garage Doors

Traditional solid steel garage doors are a low maintenance option as they will not rust or need painting like some fabrics. These are well known for their toughness and sturdiness. They are made from corrosion resistant hot plunged galvanised steel to ensure that they remain secure, reliable and trouble free.

GRP Fibreglass Garage Doors

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polyester and garage doors manufactured from this fabric are also a low maintenance option as they normally have no joints, seams, rivets or fastenings. An occasional wipe is enough to keep them looking top notch.

ABS Plastic Garage Doors

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a mouthful so ABS is much easier to say! As you would expect, garage doors made from this are a lot lighter in weight than the traditional garage door. However, even though it’s lightweight, this fabric is still hardwearing. This type of door matches very nicely with homes that have UPVC windows.

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