Reasons to Update Your Garage Door

Posted on April 22, 2016 by Toni Mason

A person will eventually grow tired of living with the same décor for many years. They will become dissatisfied with it. After all, change is the essence of life, isn’t it?

When a house gets refurbished or redecorated, the outside of a garage is quite often forgotten about. If the whole outside of the property is getting a facelift, it would then look odd to leave it out. Sometimes it’s just the inside of the garage that has a once over; maybe to make more room for storage purposes and other times because it needs a good clear out. Why bother to update your garage door because it probably isn’t something that you’ve given much thought about. But a garage door will most definitely affect the aesthetics of the property from the outside.

You may question yourself about the wisdom of investing in a new garage door; especially when you can make do with the same old one that has been up there for far too long. In certain cases, it may well be wiser to stay with what you already have. It may reflect the character of the original property it’s connected to. Maybe it’s still in good enough condition and causes you no problems. However, like most things in life, they can become stagnant and boring. So you may feel like it’s time for a change.

Also do not forget the paramount importance of kerb appeal because first impressions are everything. Friends, family, neighbours, passers, guests and visitors will of course see it. But maybe more importantly, you will live with it and see it on a day to day basis. You should want to feel proud of your home, inside and out!

Then there is the investment side of it. It is a proven fact that it will enhance the view from the outside; also should you ever wish to sell your house, potential buyers will view it in a better light. It can only help to increase the value of your property. So it’s a win win! You can invest in it for your own pleasure and enjoyment; also have the safe reassurance of knowing that it will add value to your investment.

To update your garage door is not as expensive as many people think. Many people are pleasantly surprised when they call Hollington Doors for a free no obligation quote.

Update Your Garage Door

Garage doors have improved so much over the years. Too many people have got used to the fact that they will have to struggle with a daily workout when they open and close their garage door. Others have got used to continual back problems or aches from putting themselves through this masochistic daily ritual. Now you can have automated garage doors! What used to be considered as downright decadent is now the norm for the many that have chosen them. For not too much more you can enter and exit your garage with just the touch of a button. You can save time, effort and avoid severe weather conditions by upgrading from manual to electric garage doors.

Electric garage doors also gives your garage even extra protection from unwanted intruders by making the garage more secure. It will of course help the security of your complete property.

A garage may have been originally designed to house a family car. Nowadays many homeowners tend to use their garage for different purposes and they’re not always the conventional ones. Of course a garage has become an obvious choice as a store room ; it’s so easy to shove something there for convenience as there’s no other place to put it quickly. It becomes an easy option to get it out of the way. After all, you haven’t got a garden or storage shed and even if you have, why bother to walk down to the end of the garden? Unfortunately before long, the storage in the garage has become cluttered and you can’t find what you’re looking for anymore. This of course leads to needing a good old fashioned clear out!

Some homeowners will use the garage for bicycles, motorbikes, mowers, tractors, etc. – all good reasons. Others may need an extra room to use as a play area for their children, a den for themselves, or maybe a dining area to free up some more space in their lounge.

If you decide to use the garage area for the latter then you are using it as living space, which means you are faced with another dilemma. Do you replace the original outside garage door with an outside wall and a window?  After all, you may need more light and insulation. Or do you keep the house looking like a garage from the outside for various reasons. For example, you may not want to go through the time and costly expense of obtaining planning permission, or you may want to turn it back into its original intended purpose at some time in the future.

If you do decide to keep the garage door and want to carry on using the garage space as living area, then it may be prudent to invest in a sectional garage door as they are draught proof with added insulation. That could make a great difference inside the house from outside weather conditions and temperatures of an outside wall.