Increase Curb Appeal and Declutter Your Garage with a Makeover

Posted on November 11, 2015 by Toni Mason

Take a quick glance at any home on your street as you pass by and what’s the first thing you notice? Chances are it isn’t the front windows as they’re too small, and it probably isn’t the front door either.

Due to their size and location at the front of the house, the garage doors on any residential property are one of the first things that passers-by notice. If your home is lacking curb appeal, a garage makeover could be exactly what it’s in need of. 

If you replace your garage door to give your home a much-needed curb appeal, why not make the most of the occasion to organise and declutter its interior at the same time? Many households have corralled the clutter in their garages and now find this often underutilised space to be indispensable.

Start with new garage doors

Curb appeal first! Whether you’re considering putting your home on the market in the near future or you simply want to reside in a more attractive home, it’s remarkable the difference that new garage doors can make to the aesthetics of your property.

Selecting a colour that differs from those of one’s neighbours helps to make houses stand out, but you don’t have to. Many neighbourhoods look very attractive because all the houses are uniform, so if that’s the case with your neighbourhood, why rock the boat? Also, bear in mind that a colour that’s too different, or looks out of place, can be quite a drawback. Something to consider even if you don’t have plans to sell.

With so many materials and styles to choose from, selecting a new garage door can prove quite a challenge. The materials and styles you have to select from include:

ABS Plastic

Strong and durable, yet also very lightweight, ABS plastic doors are very easy to maintain. Since they’re similar in appearance to uPVC, they’re a great option if you have uPVC windows as they’ll match these perfectly.

GRP Fibreglass

Glass reinforced polyester fibreglass are strong, virtually maintenance-free and offer beautiful aesthetics that are tough to match. Available in a wide range of finishes.


Sturdy, tough and durable when made from corrosive resistant steel, steel garage doors are available in a remarkably broad range of styles to suit all homes.

Timber / Wood

For many homeowners, nothing can match the timeless qualities of timber garage doors. Wood doors are usually available in a number of timbers, including cedar, hemlock, iroko, mahogany, spruce, oak, and pine.


If you use your garage frequently and you want to maximise interior space as well as the space directly in front of your garage, roller doors are easily the best choice.

Practically every garage door can be automated these days, so if you’re concerned about home security, or you simply want to enhance convenience, automating your garage door is an option to consider. Give us a call and we’ll discuss your options. 

replace your garage door

Decluttering Your Garage

Even if you store very little in your garage, chances are there are still a few things you can do to make it more organised, and you may even find that you could put the spare space in your garage to better use. Before you start looking at ways to make better use of your garage, decluttering is probably the first step you’ll need to take.

What’s Your Aim for the Space?

Before you start sorting and dumping the contents of your garage, give some thought to what you’ll use it for. That way you won’t throw out things that you can use later.

Sort and Don’t Hesitate to Dump!

If you don’t need it, dump it. For heavy items that still have a use, get in touch with a local charity as they may take it off your hands and save you a trip to the local dump.

Use Walls for Storage

If you’re not planning to make something of your garage space you’ll probably still have items to store in there. If that’s so, go vertical and use the walls for storage.

Decluttering the garage is the first step to take if you’re to put that spare space to good use. Now you need to think of something to do with the space you’ve created.

Putting Spare Space to Good Use

A home office is a popular option for spare garage space in warm climates, but here in the UK that, understandably, isn’t the most popular idea for making the most of spare garage space. Here are a few ideas for putting your spare space to good use.

Pet Items

If you have a dog or a cat, creating a space in your garage for their pet food, toys, shampoos, and other items is a great way to put that spare space to good use and keep other areas of your home clean and tidy. You can even feed them there too.

Potting Bench

A long bench running down one side of the wall won’t take up much space and you can put shelves above the bench for lightweight items and shelves below it to store heavier equipment. You can also create a storage space for all the garden tools too.


If there’s a man about the house, chances are he’ll want somewhere to tinker with stuff. Like a potting bench, a workbench needn’t take up much space and there are many storage options for you to consider, including shelves, lockers and wall racks.

Roller garage doors are likely to be your best option if you want to maximise space in your garage and put spare space to great use. Having said that, it’s remarkable what can be achieved with the right layout and use of the right storage solutions.

If you recognise your home is in need of greater curb appeal and a better organised garage, get in touch with Hollington Doors. We’ll help you select the perfect choice to replace your garage door and suit the aesthetics of your home and ideas of your spare garage space.