5 Things You Should Know About Replacing a Garage Door



If you’re thinking about replacing a garage door and you feel you have adequate knowledge and skills to attempt this yourself, then here are five things you should know before proceeding.

Plan Ahead to Stay Safe

A garage door can be a very heavy item and depending on which material is used e.g. steel, it would be prudent and much easier to replace a garage door if you have an extra pair of hands.

If you have any safety concerns, please call in a professional garage door installer to prevent any serious accidents.

Measuring Guide

Use a steel tape when measuring.

Measure the width across the top, bottom and middle and use the smallest measurement when ordering the door.

Measure the height from the floor to underside of lintel on both the left and right sides.

Measure the width of left and right reveals as you may also need this when ordering your garage door kit.

garage door replacement

Choosing the Right Garage Door For You

Picking the correct garage door is a personal decision to each homeowner. Every choice will be very much dependant on each individual’s needs.

Wooden garage doors have lots of character. Wood may need a bit more care and attention, but they can look stunning in the right environment.

Sectional garage doors have thermal insulation giving extra warmth. This could be a good option if the garage is attached to the property as it will prevent excess heat loss making the whole home more energy efficient.

Roller garage doors roll up into the ceiling using minimal space. This is a good choice for a small garage. It is also useful if you have a small driveway because of the way that they operate.

Steel garage doors are tough and low maintenance. They are rust proof, hard wearing and always look pristine.

Fibreglass garage doors are lightweight and maintenance free. If you live near the sea, the salt air won’t corrode them.

ABS plastic garage doors have the same qualities as fibreglass and are resilient to knocks and bumps.

Tools Required

Some of the tools needed include screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench, an electric drill (a cordless one would be preferable), a socket set, adjustable locking pliers, a saw horse and a small ladder. Also have some garage door lubricant on hand ready.

How to Fit a Replacement Garage Door

Use the pliers to release the torsion spring tension carefully. Take extra caution when releasing the tension, as this can be dangerous if you are not concentrating properly.

You should then be able to take off the existing garage door by removing the hinges.

Then fit the new hinges and tracks.

Make sure that you order the same brand of tracks as your replacement garage door. Any old existing ones probably will not be compatible. Tracks must be correctly aligned with no kinks.

You can use the existing ceiling support. Attach the tracks to the door.

Fit the torsion rod and pulleys and attach cable. Then take your time to adjust the springs accordingly.

As always, Hollington Doors Ltd are only a call away if you should need any advice or assistance with any of the above.


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