Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Posted on June 10, 2019 by Toni Mason

Roller shutter garage doors are one of the most popular types of garage doors that are chosen for domestic and industrial properties.

They are popular because of their simplistic operational methods and the extra space they are able to offer inside the garage by folding within themselves above the garage opening near the ceiling.

Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Unlike other sorts of doors, roller shutter garage doors do not need internal door tracks to help guide the opening and closing. They just move up and down in a relatively smooth and easy roller action, hence the name, and basically has the same operational function as a roller blind. This makes them the easiest type of garage doors to install.

Aluminium and steel are the materials used to produce roller garage doors. Aluminium would be the preferred option if looking for extra insulation.

As mentioned earlier. roller shutter garage doors are most commonly chosen because of the extra space they are able to give, especially if you have a smaller garage.

Roller garage doors will be available in a wide selection of colours and can also be made up in any particular bespoke shade if required which is another plus.

Roller shutter garage doors can be controlled manually or automatically, but nowadays most people tend to prefer the remote controlled option. Just touch the remote or internal switch inside the garage, and let the door roll up or down electronically.

These type of garage doors offer extra security because they have a rubber seal which makes it more difficult for potential burglars to prise open and access the garage.

Like any other moving part that has continual daily use, roller garage doors also need regular maintenance to keep them operating smoothly and efficiently.

Listen out for any unusual noise or creak when using the door, or if the movement suddenly jolts whilst in operation. If anything seems untoward and you feel confident to fix the issue yourself, then the obvious things to look at is making sure that everything is lubricated as it should be, or checking that the accessories have not become a little loose and need tightening.

Also regular inspection of the rollers can prevent replacing them more often that necessary, therefore giving the roller a longer life span.

Of course, as always, if you want a professional garage door engineer, give Hollington Doors a call and we will give your roller shutter garage doors a full service allowing you full peace of mind.

One of our team will check that the brackets, sockets and all other parts are okay and replace them if necessary. They will make sure that your roller garage door is balanced correctly and alter it accordingly if need be. They will check the rubber seals as this is important for the security as previously stated. Basically when they finish, you will feel that your door is back to it’s very best, just as it was when it was originally installed.